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Famous Greeks

Thomas McMahon

These are the eight people South Carolina expects you to know from Ancient Greece.


3.Greek philosopher and student of Socrates. He studied politics and wrote the Republic which explained his ideal society where there would be fairness and justice for all.
5.He conquered most of the ancient world from Asia Minor to Egypt and India, which began the Hellenistic culture which was a blending of Greek, Persian, Indian, and Egyptian influences; he was "Great".
7.A Hellenistic mathematician and engineer who invented simple machines such as the water screw and pulley.
1."Founder of Medicine" During the Golden Age in Greece he was a scientist that believed all diseases came from natural causes. He also had high ideals for physicians & an oath was made that is still used today.
2.Greek philosopher and teacher. Taught using the Socratic Method, he would ask his students questions, when they would answer the question, he would ask them more questions.
3.Hellenistic mathematician who developed many basic geometric theorems which are still in use in geometry today including the Pythagorean Theorem.
4.Greek philosopher and student of Plato. He discovered logic and reason (clear and ordered thinking). He thought people should live a life of balance.
6.King of Macedonia and father of Alexander the Great. He defeated the Greeks and united them as one nation. He used the military strategy called the phalanx.

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