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energy and life


photosynthesis and cellular respiration

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1.convert chemical energy in food (glucose) to chemical energy stored in ATP
4.pigment (green) that captures sunlight
6.organisms that get energy from living sources like eating
9.reaction that absorbs energy
10.anaerobic process; lactic acid build up in muscles or making alcoholic beverages
14.fluid that fills the chloroplast
16.involving NO oxygen
20.organisms that get energy from nonliving sources like photosynthesis and the sun
21.process of converting sun energy to usable energy
22.substances that are changed during a reaction
23.involving oxygen
25.structure in a cell where photosynthesis takes place
27.the active site gets deformed, loses shapes and doesn't work any more
1.process where autotrophs get energy from chemicals
2.during photosynthesis, energy from sun is passed down and stored
3.first stage in cellular respiration
5.substances that are made by a chemical reaction
7.speeds up biochemical reactions by using 'lock and key' model to bind
8.individual 'pancakes' membranes in chloroplast that capture and store energy from the sun
11.C6 H12 O6
12.pyruvate molecules converted to ATP in this cycle; most ATP in this step !!!
13.macromolecule in food that has the most ATP, used first for energy
15.reaction that releases energy
17.C O2
18.powered by ATP, water combines with carbon dioxide to form sugar in this cycle
19.structure in cell where cellular respiration takes place
21.macromolecule that is an enzyme
24.'pancake-like' stacks of thylakoid membrane in chloroplast
26.the chemical your body needs to run your cells

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