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Paleontology Crossword Puzzle

Isabella Rios & Madison Thopmson

1 2 3 4 5
6       7   8      
  12 13                  
17   18                      
  20                   21 22  
  24 25                        
26               27                      
29   30     31            
33               34                       35      
  37                   38    
39                 40              
41   42   43          
45   46         47

6.a warm blooded egg-laying vertebrate
9.417-354 million years ago
11.no longer in existence
13.improving the ability to survive
14.a large prehistoric reptile
15.to maintain its original state
16.a living organism typically growing in a permanent site
18.144-65 million years ago
20.the development of an organism over time
23.354-290 million years ago
25.based on the methods of science
26.290-248 million years ago
27.543 million years ago
28.an invertebrate animal
31.a white colorless mineral consisting of calcium carbonate
33.248-200 million years ago
34.before the period of written records
35.is measured in hours, minutes, seconds, etc.
37.an animal of a large group distinguished by the possession of a backbone
39.206-144 million years ago
40.an examination
43.any group of syncytial spore producing organisms
44.an internal framework of bone
45.the existence of a human or animal
48.to rot or decompose
49.a system of ideas to explain something
50.the study of past events
1.a quality or characteristic
2.white tissue making up skeletons
3.to dig up buried remains
4.490-443 million years ago
5.a scientist who studies fossils
7.types of food eaten
8.containing calcium carbonate
10.belonging to the distant past
12.543-490 million years ago
17.a group of organisms capable of exchanging genes
19.the surroundings or conditions in which a person, animal, or plant lives
21.a branch of science to do with prehistoric organisms
22.the material structure of an individual life form
24.a natural home or environment of an organism
29.65-1.8 million years ago
30.facts stating true points
32.443-417 million years ago
36.a cold blooded vertebrate
38.a super continent
41.science that deals with Earth's physical structure
42.a small arthropod animal
46.remains preserved in rock
47.a group of wild animals

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