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App Chem chapter 5

Mrs. VH

2         3
  4   5     6      
  7 8      
10                     11
  13       14                
15                         16    
17           18             19  
20 21                            
29           30                      

2.the allotrope of oxygen that consists of 3 atoms
4.compounds that do not contain C
10.because ionic compounds are ____ the positive charge equals the negative charge
12.the types of metals that require a Roman numeral
13.a compound in which all the water has been removed
15.polyatomic ions need to be written within these in a formula
17.coal, natural gas, petroleum
21.compounds that contain only hydrogen and carbon
22.ionic compounds have a ____ MP
23.ion that has two or more different elements
24.the common name for NH3
25.compound contains only 2 elements
26.a drying agent
27.distillation will not work to separate liquids if they all have the same ______
28.an allotrope of C that exists in flat layers that slide over each other
29.positive ion
30.substances that absorb enough water from the atmosphere to form a liquid solution
1.covalent compounds are less _________ in water than ionic compounds
3.negative ion
5.compounds that contain C
6.molecules of a single element that differs in crystalline or molecular structure
7.simplest hydrocarbon
8.an allotrope of C that exists as a crystal and in a 3-D structure
9.the tiny number added after a symbol to show the number of atoms
11.molecules that form when atoms of the same element bond together
12.diatomic elements exist as ____ elements
14.separating a substance into its components by using their boiling points
16.ionic compounds conduct ____ when dissolved or melted
18.simplest ratio of ions
19.covalent compounds have low ________
20.a compound in which there is a specific ratio of water to ionic compound
21.compounds that easily absorb water from air

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