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Final Review #1

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1.Benedict's solution will change from blue to _______ if a monosaccharide is present.
3.Part of the flower that contains pollen (sperm).
4.Part of the flower that attracts pollinators, like bees.
6.Pigments, like chlorophyll, help to ____________ light.
9.Part of a seed responsible for storing energy to start germination.
10.Mushrooms, molds, and yeasts are all in the kingdom ________.
14.A prokaryotic cell, like a bacterium, does not have a membrane bound__________, but a eukaryotic cell does.
16.Nearly all sugars and carbohydrates are made by the process of ________.
18.Vessels that carry water up a plant.
19.Viruses are not considered living because they are not made of ________.
20.The phylum Chordata (mostly who have backbones) all contain a spinal _________.
21.A dog and a tapeworm are both in the kingdom ________.
23.In order for pollination to occur, pollen must be transferred from anther to _____.
24.Hormone that tells cells to take in glucose.
25.Stomata are openings on the underside of leaves that let ______ gas into the leaf.
2.Two properties of water, cohesion and ________ allow water to move up plants.
4.Water and carbon dioxide are _______ of respiration.
5.Leaves change color in the fall when ___________ stops being produced.
7.Leaves look green because they ________ green light.
8.The organelle responsible for converting light energy into chemical energy (glucose) is the _________.
11.The scientific name of one type of hermit crab is Coenobita clypeatus. The first part of the scientific name is the _________ and the second part of the name is the species
12.When pancreas cells release insulin to lower blood glucose levels back to normal, this is an example of the organism maintaining _________.
13.The monomer (building block) of carbohydrates.
15.Water and carbon dioxide and light are _______ of photosynthesis.
17.People who are lactose intolerant do not make the enzyme _________.
20.Carbon dioxide is used to make glucose in the __________ cycle.
22.To join two monosaccharides to make a disaccharide, ______ must be removed.

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