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Unit 6 Functions

Freda McGuire

1 2
3               4                  
5 6                       7
9                     10              
19   20              

3.A set of ordered pairs
4.A number that cannot be written as a fraction.
6.____________ variable is the x - value
9.The property that states that the order in which numbers are added does not change the sum.
10.Using the laws of exponents, _______ the exponents when dividing like bases.
12.A graph that is not a straight line _________- ____________
14.A graph that is a straight line.
16.A test for identifying a graphed function.
17.The equation y = 2x + 3 may also be called a function ___________
20.Set of ordered pairs in which each x-element has only one unique y-element associated with it
21.___________ variable is the y - variable
1.The distance between one number and the next on the scale of a graph.
2.A number group that consists of whole numbers and their opposites, and includes zero.
4._______________ variable is the x-value
5.The property that states that the way in which numbers are grouped for addition does not change the sum.
7.The symbols for listing a SET of values, are called ______________
8.On a graphing calculator, pressing the buttons, 2nd graph produces a _________
11.Given f(2) = 4 the output value is: ______(spell the number)
13.Given an input of six, triple the inpute then decrease it by five. Name the output ______
15._______ variable is the y-variable.
17.This number group includes integers, whole numbers, and counting numbers.
18.The set all inputs for which the function rule can give an output
19.The set of all outputs for which there is an input

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