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The History of Lighting in Theatre

Alex Oosterhof

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6.What theatre installed the world's first electric lighting system?
9.What Shakespeare play did Norman Bel Geddes design and stage in the fall of 1931
13.In 1900, what was invented to color the bulbs used in the border and foot lights
14.What was the name of Norman Bel Geddes' autobiography?
15.Who was architect, designer, author, illumination consultant and lighting professor at Yale University from 1925 to 1964?
1.The world's first gas stage-lighting system was located in this theatre.
2.The ______ Brothers installed the electrical lighting system in the Metropolitan Opera House in 1903
3.What lighting designer holds the record for winning the most Tony awards?
4.________ __________ provides a sharp, highly controlled shaft of light.
5.Considered the father of American scene design.
7.Who designed the lights for Dreamgirls in 1982
8.Who offered the first Stage Lighting class at Yale University in 1925?
10.Who patented the worlds first incandescent electric lamp?
11.She was the principal lighting designer for the Paul Taylor Dance Company
12.Who was generally considered the Dean of American Lighting Designers?

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