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You ARE What You EAT!


Nutrition-3 Units

2 3 4                      
7     8    
      9             10   11  
      13                             14
16                 17                        
21       22                              
  23               24   25
26     27                      
28   29                  
31               32    
  36               37  
  40   41

4.The main function of this organic compound is to provide energy
6.A combination of all the chemical processes that take place in living organisms
9.Chronic energy imbalance
12.Necessary for cellular division, formation of DNA and prevention of neural tube defects during pregnancy
13.Obtained from animal products-deficiency causes Megaloblastic/Macrocytic anemia
16.Waste in the GI tract
17.Used in Diabetic meal planning
19.Require no digestion and are absorbed directly into the blood steam
21.This liquid diet includes pudding, creamed/strained soups, yummy milk shakes and custards
22.The modification of a diet to high fiber is used for this disorder of the GI tract
23.Immediately after a severe burn, victims require fluids, electrolytes and THESE- all given intravenously.
27.Headache, disorientation, visual disturbance, nervousness, diaphoresis, vertigo, coma
29.A common problem with tube feedings
30.Developed by the USDA with an aim at avoiding over-sized portions
31.A stored form of carbohydrates
34.A chemical compound or element in food that is necessary for health
35.An organ that stores 90% of the body's Vitamin A
36.Nutrient that plays the biggest role in building and repairing tissue.
38.Avoid during preganacy
39.Fat and cholesterol are classified as....
40.These transport cholesterol from the bloodstream to the liver to be degraded and excreted
1.Sore throat, cheilosis (disorder of lips and mouth-fissures scales dermatitis)
2.Maintenance of blood glucose metabolism
3.Modifying a diet with high fiber and increased fluid intake effectively treats:
5.The building blocks of protein
7.Symptoms include cessation of menstruation, cold intolerance, hypotension, bone density compromise, heart irregularities
8.Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus is this type of disorder:
10.A measurement of energy
11.Requires the restriction of potassium
14.Deficiency of Iodine in fetal development causing mental and physical retardation
15.Replaces and expands on Recommended Dietary Allowances (RDA's)
18.These amino acids can not be synthesized by the body and are therefore required in the diet
20.Increases resistance to tooth decay and stimulates bone formation
24.This modified diet may help with BP control when used in conjunction with sodium modification
25.Maintains blood calcium and phosphorus levels
26.Important in the production of energy from glucose and repairs DNA
28.Functions-formation of bones and teeth; role in blood clotting; muscle action and nerve impulses
32.Can not be digested
33.Characterized by purging or other compensatory disorder (laxatives) to prevent weight gain
37.Balanced Sodium and Potassium- Rich in Calcium and Magnesium
41.Bad cholesterol

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