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Artist's vocabulary

Tatiana Kravchenko

This crossword can be used on the topics "Art" or "Painting". It is related to the vocabulary in the textbook by Arakin, year 3, Unit 5, and supplemented with relevant words.

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6.a wooden frame that you put a painting on while you paint it
8.to describe someone or something in writing or speech, or to show them in a painting
9.to describe someone or something in a particular way, especially in a way that is not true
15.the way in which the different parts that make up a picture are arranged
17.the art of making pictures
18.a small amount of a particular colour
19.the part of the picture that is closest to you when you are looking at it
20.pick out, especially for its superior quality
1.something that attracts attention
2.the appearance of somethingas a result it reflects light, especially when its appearance is very bright
3.a colour or type of colour
4.creation of beautiful things
5.a type of paint that you mix with water
7.giving vivid impression of nature or reality
10.a painting done with oil paints
11.the area that is behind the main thing that you are looking at
12.not genuine or sincere
13.a small detailed drawing , esp.one that is done to prepare for a large painting
14.a liquid that you put on a surface, using a brush to make the surface a particular colour
16.to describe someone or something in a particular way, according to your opinion of them

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