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Sting and the Police


A puzzle related to the musician Sting and the Police

1 2 3
5 6   7                
          9 10  
12     13           14

7.Did it take a week for Sting to write this? (2 Words)
11.Is this organ triangular, square, circular? (4 Words)
12.Was he feeling delicate when he wrote this song?
15.Red lights are history for this lady
16.What you will know about Sting, even if you take his eyeballs and sockets!
1.Was this early band radioactive? (2 Words)
2.Muslim term menaing 'God-willing'
3.Sting says this is the seventh wave
4.Sting was born here
5.Birds will love this Police song
6.Where the Police say teh spirits are (2 Words)
8.Sting's birthday month
9.Has Sting taken a wrong turn on the Great North Road? (2 Words)
10.This could be Clarkson's fave Sting track (2 Words)
13.The real given name of this Police-man
14.How many breaths will the Police be observing?

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