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Revision of "In My Shoes"

Chris Price

Content, stylistic devices, tones & effects.

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2.The only Palestinian that the poet knows.
4.The language that the Palestinian man makes an effort to speak.
7."Yasir _________________"
8.The Palestinian in the poem has a "________________ smile"
10.The stylistic device used in the word "his" in the last line of the poem
12."classical Arab _______________": one of the things that the Palestinian man reads
15.The tone of the first three lines of the poem that attracts the audience´s attention
19.The Palestinian man is very, very educated but works in a supermarket - the stylistic device in this line of the poem
20.What the poet wants to change in the reader.
21.The reader´s reaction to the veracity the prejudices in the second half of the poem.
22."our _______________": the word that the poet uses to describe Palestinians in relation to the Israelis
23.The Palestinian man´s identity card is "______________ up"
1.The Israeli audience's reaction to the first three lines of the poem.
3.Visual ___________________.
5.hard-______________ : One of the adjectives that you could use to describe the Palestinian man
6.One of the adjectives that you could use to describe the Palestinian man
9.The poet's tone which he says that the Palestinian man has a "good sense of humour"and is an "optimist" (considering that he is a victim of prejudice)
11.The Palestinian man in poem is a ________________________ person (= regular, normal)
13.The the Palestinian man "uses his education"
14."(in my language, of course" - stylistic device: use of ________________________
16."_____________ works": one of the things that the Palestinian man reads
17.The historical event the poet is referring to when he says "I was in his shoes"
18."_______________ cocktail"

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