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Applied Chemistr Ch 10

1 2 3 4 5
  6                           7         8  
  10 11          
12                                   13 14    
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    19                           20  
      23                     24
26         27                    
28             29      
  30 31                        
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39   40                
41               42              

6.at equilibrium when pressure equals final value, and volume does not change, the ___ is reaced
7.in a closed container, the rate of vaporization ____ rate of condensation
9.ionized gas
12.temperature at which a liquid boils in an open container at normal AP
15.liquid to a gas
18.0 Kelvin
19.particles of matter are in constant random motion
22.type of pressure exerted on you by molecules and atoms of air
23.atmospheric pressure decreases with ___
27.solid to a gas
28.according to the KMT, particles are always in_____
31.he noticed the random movement of pollen grains in water
34.SI unit of energy
35.process by which particles of matter fill a space because of random motion
36.liquids take the shape of the ____
37.type of liquids that evaporate quickly
40.particles that move faster have a ________ kinetic energy
41.when heated, particles of solids ____ faster
42.most gases behave like ideal gases except at high ___
43.gases and liquids both ____
44.no kinetic energy is lost in this collision
1.constant random motion of tiny particles of matter suspended in a liquid
2.energy absorbed when a substance vaporizes
3.liquids and solids ____ when heated
4.name one of the two properties that kinetic energy depends on
5.temperature of a substance is directly proportional to the average kinetic energy of the particles
8.particles of a liquid slide past each other, but do not move ___
10.particles occupy fixed positions in a well-defined 3-D arrangement
11.liquid that loses their rigid organization in only 1 or 2 dimensions
13.temperature when a solid changes to a liquid
14.name one of the two properties that kinetic energy depends on
16.energy released when a substance melts
17.gas to a liquid
20.liquid to a gas
21.measure of the average kinetic energy of the particles
22.pressure is the force acting on a unit ___
24.vapor to a solid
25.type of solid with a haphazard and incomplete crystal lattice
26.structures that contain plasma
29.gas particles do not experience any of these types of forces
30.gas particle are very small and have a large ____
32.Fahrenheit and Celsius are measure in these
33.gas that obeys the assumptions of the kinetic theory
36.gases are easy to ____
38.at the same temperature, more massive particle move ____
39.solids are _____ because particles are fixed in place

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