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2   3 4
7 8          
  9               10            
11             12  
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5.Capital of Italy
6.Lower class
9.Preserved temple in Italy
10.The monotheistic belief of the Jews which was also a unwanted religion in Rome
11.One of the founders of Rome his brother killed him
14.The belief in more than one god
15.The two officials (people) that were elected by the Senate. One manages the government, while the other one commands the army
20.The language of Ancient Rome.
22.To rob
25.Goddess of hunt
26.Roman emperor who divided the empire in two and oversaw the eastern part
27.The monotheistic belief of the Jews which was also a unwanted religion in Rome
28.A ruler with total control over the peopld. Example: Julius Caesar
29.The power to stop a law from passing
30.Higher Class
31.a division of the Roman army, usually comprising 3000 to 6000 soldiers
1.the domain ruled by an emperor or empress
2.The lawmaking body and most powerful branch in ancient Rome's Republic
3.12 important followers of Jesus
4.The city market and meeting place in the center of ancient Rome
6.A large, domed shaped temple built in ancient Rome to honor many gods and goddesses
7.One of the founders of Rome he killed his brother
8.Goddness of wine
12.The earliest code of Roman civil, criminal, and religious law, promulgated in 451–450 bc
13.The leader of the Roman Catholic church
16.Emperor of Rome who adopted the Christian faith and stopped the persecution of Christians
17.God of The Forge
18.To punish people for their beliefs
19.A Roman athlete, usually a slave, criminal, or prisoner or war, who was forced to fight for the entertainment of the public
21.A word that Romans used to refer to anyone outside the empire who did not share in the Greek or Roman cultures
22.An area of land almost entirely surrounded by water
23.A large stadium in ancient Rome where athletic events and gladiator matches took place
24.A Roman historian who wrote a monumental history of Rome and the Roman People

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