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Baroque Art & Architecture

J Howington-Pérez

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3.French architect; one of the main architects for the Palace of Versailles, its formal gardens and the Church of the Invalides.
4.French artist; composed mainly landscapes.
5.The last great painter of Spain's Golden Age.
8.Flemish artist; painted bold, dramatic, powerful scenes; used rich colors & diagonal axis lines.
10.His specialty was portraits of common people and friends; his paintings have the look of a candid photo.
11.The Greatest Dutch Painter!
12.Rembrandt's most famous painting.
14.One of Spain's greatest artists; court painter to the king.
15.Most important painter in late 17th century France; subject matter depicted on a grand, heroic scale.
16.He designed the formal approach to St. Peter's Basilica and some important sculptures within the Basilica as well.
1.His tomb is in the Church of the Invalides.
2.Gave Baroque its look & feel; painted world around him; religious subjects were often unassuming.
6.Famous painting by Velázquez in which he painted "himself" in it.
7.Dutch; best known female painter of the 17th century; painted many portraits including a very famous one of herself.
9.1st woman in the history of art.
13.One of the finest Dutch artists; only 38 paintings are attributed to him.

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