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Biology of plants

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5.A process when a plant can start to make food and chlorophile through leaves
8.One part of stamen. If the upper part is anther, then the part what holds anther is what?
10.It's a process when seeds start to grow rely on three needs: water, warmth and soil
11.Plants that has stems who die back to the ground every year. Stems are usually soft and bendable
13.Not bright and having very little depth of color.
14.Producing new life or offspring with male and female ..... organs
18.A group of closely related organisms that are very similar to each other and are usually capable of interbreeding and producing fertile offspring.
20.This describe action when seedling's roots push down into the soil to ...... the new plant
21.Part of the plant or flower that is usually brightly colored
22.When plant or flower has no smell
23.It is a fruit of the conifers. There can be male and female ....
24.Substances what are essentially needed and necessary for growing. Include air, water, food, vitamins and minerals
25.Coniferous tree what is most common for Christmas time.
1.The part of a plant which attaches it to the ground or to a support, typically underground
2.Part of female reproductive organ which receives the pollen during fertilization
3.It is a process what is caused by male and female reproductive organs. The final stage is when a seed is developed in the ovary.
4.A female reproductive organ what consists of style, ovary and ovule
6.Pollinator what is not an insect but is also flying and helps to pollinate the plant. Also well known as world's smallest bird.
7.Trees and shrubs that don't have flowers. They are green all over the year
9.A small, young plant what develops from seed
12.Enlarged tip of a stem that bears (holds) the floral parts
15.Plants can be pollinated by people, animals and wind. What one word could describe them as a group of .....?
16.Tiny leafy-stemmed flowerless plants, found in moist places, forming a soft green covering on tree trunks
17.Usually yellow powdery substance from the male part of flower
19.Without any seeds

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