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Momentum Vocabulary

Mr. Collom

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1.a collision in which the objects may stick together, become deformed or generate heat.
3.because it changes the direction of momentum, _____________ generates more force than simply stopping an object
4.because it has direction, velocity is a _______________.
5.the speed of an object plus its direction
7.since mass has no direction, it is a _____________ quantity
8.mass x velocity
10.when a moving train car collides with an identical car at rest, the combined velocity of the two coupled cars will be _________ the velocity of the first car.
11.inertia in motion
12.the amount of matter in an object
14.force x time
1.change in momentum
2.the law of ____________ __ ____________ says that in the absence of an EXTERNAL force, total momentum is unchanged.
6.a collision in which the objects are NOT permanently deformed, do not stick together or generate heat.
9.a golfer follows through with her swing to increase the length of _________ that the force of the club is applied to the ball.
13.any push or a pull

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