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Chem. Review Cross.

1     2             3   4 5
      6           7
10   11 12                        
  13     14              
15                         16    
        19           20
  21   22                      
            23     24          
      26               27  
28   29          
  30   31                     32    
      33 34            
35                   36              
      38     39        
  40         41      

1.The number of protons an element has (2 words)
6.Prefix that means 5
8.Number of electrons that can fit in the 3rd energy level
12.________ energy is the energy needed to start a reaction
14.Wavelengths of light specific to an element that has been heated to the point of glowing ___ spectrum
15.1 molecule becomes 2 molecules
17.Average weight of an element (2 words)
18.Group 1
19.A molecule that has a partial charge is
21.Type of solution that conducts electricity
23.When 2 chemicals become 1
25.Mass number of an atom with 3P+, 4N, 5e-
26.Solution that can't dissolve any more solute is
31.Distance from nucleus where an electron can be found (2 words)
34.Electrons are transferred from one atom to another in this type of bond
35.________ formula is the simplest ration of elements in a molecule
36.Element with a specific number of neutrons
38.Part of an atom discovered using cathoderay tubes
40.What's being dissolved
43.KOH is one because it produces OH- when added to water
44.Moles / liters
45.type of radiation if U-238 turns into Np-238
46.A solution with a pOH of 12
1.Type of radiation that ejects 2 P+ and 2 N
2._____ number is written after an isotope OR up and in front of it
3.Measure the attraction an element has for electrons of other atoms
4.The farthest out electrons an atom has are called __________ electrons
5.Were discovered by the gold foil experiment
7.When one atom splits into two atoms
9.Energy needed to remove an electron from an atom is call its ______ energy
10.The _______ number is the charge an atom has
11.Keq is the symbol for the _____________ constant of a reaction
13.Names of chemicals with this type of bond get prefixes
16.These elements do not react with any other elements (2 words)
20.Heat of ________ is the energy need to change a solid into a liquid
22.When a reaction gives off more heat than was put into it
24.Prefix for the number four
27.The isotope a radioactive element turns into
28.Heat tends to _______ the solubility of a chemical
29.Element that calcium wants to be like
30.Elements down and to the left of the periodic table have a large
32.Group 17
33.Substance that speeds up a reaction but ends up back in its original form
37.Biological catalyst
39.Group 9, Period 4
41.Number of neutrons carbon-14 has
42.Type of radiation that emits electromagnetic waves

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