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AV 2.2 Vocab

Caleb Cohen

1 2 3 4            
5 6                            
7       8            
  9                   10  
    11                     12              
13                   14                   15                
17                                       18           19      
    20                           21 22            
  23                     24             25    
    26             27    
28       29                  
30                                   31      
33                                 34            
    36 37                      
38                               39
    40     41      
42 43                         44              
45                         46 47               48   49
        52 53       54    
58                   59        

3.you use this to clean your hands
6.you usually have this wake you up and its annoying
8.__________ i am late to school
9.you do this in the morning when your hair is messy
11.i __________ do this!
12.__________ that i took a shower
13.you use this to shave
15.you use this to dry off
17.you put this stuff on a toothbrush
18.your neck holds your ______ up
20.you do this when you get done with a shower
22.your _____ has many features
23.you do this when you want to get better at something
24.you use this to comb your hair
29.you use this to brush your teeth
30.you do this before a shower
33.you apply this every day
34.my ______ is like my knee just on my arm!
35.you do this when you enter a room and want to see
37.you do this when you want to be quick
38.most people put this on for shows
43.my ________ was beating very fast
44.______ get a snack
45.you do this every morning first
47.they are in your mouth
50.above your foot
51.your plan for when you wake up is the daily ____
53.on top of your head
55.you do this when you are dirty and wanna get clean fast
56.you do this when you want to move off the couch
57.you use this in your hair druing a shower
58.you do this when you are sleepy
59.ill do it _______ because i cant right now
1.you do this with a towel
2.you do this every morning with a brush
4.you use this to cut things
5.i _________ forget to do my homework
7.you do this when you are about to goto bed
10.you do this to think ahead
14.you use this to dry el pelo
16.you do this in a shower
19.your ______ has many things
21.you do this when your to hairy on your face and or legs
25.a giraffe has a long _____
27.__________ that i went to bed
28.i _________ dont do this
31.my ____ hurts!
32.you are usually ______ after a long day
36.you see with them
39.you do this when you want to relax and become clean
40.you see peoples _______ when they arent looking at you
41.__________ i did it!
42.it was ________ ______ than i thought
45.you do this when you are sleepy
46.middle of your leg
48.you grasp things with them
49.you put food in this
52.______ ill take a shower second ill sleep
54.you walk on them

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