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Reading Vocabulary week 1


1 2
3     4   5          
  6   7          
8       9          
10       11   12          
13           14   15    
16 17         18        

3.the land near the ocean or the sea
5.plural of person
6.husband who has a wife, or a wife who has a husband
8.the meal we take in the morning
10.to get, to turn
12.to speak about something
13.a place where we see culturer things about a country
14.to set without doing anything
17.to hear
19.a person who is close to you, you spend your time with
20.to go from a place to another place on foot
1.the days that you don't go to college or work, Fridays and Saturdays
2.to start
4.kind of a drink usually hot
7.a place where we go to eat and pay the price of the food
9.to learn about something or somebody
11.a high place
15.the opposite of die
16.to go to see a place or a friend, then come back home

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