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FAS Rococo Art & Architecture

J Howington-Pérez

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4.Louis XIV is also known as _______.
8.He painted scenes of everyday life of ordinary people.
9.He died while eating ice cream.
14.Wren's best known work is ___________.
15.English painter; famous for painting portraits of the English nobility - especially their children.
1.London was destroyed in the ___________ of 1666.
2.England's greatest architect.
3.The predominant thought during the Rococo period was on love and _______.
5.The greatest of the Rococo painters was _______________.
6.The isolation of the royal court from the reality of the people of France ultimately lead to the _________.
7.Rival to Reynolds; most famous painting is The Blue Boy.
10.Wren created a stir when he capped a church with a _____ instead of with a traditional English steeple.
11.The Palace of Versailles was built by and for him.
12.He painted Marriage a la Mode, The Marriage Contract.
13.The Rococo period is also known as _________.

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