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Viewpoint Unit 4

Stuart Gedal

2 3                  
9                 10            

3.When government or a company pays for perks liked childcare, we say that the cost of childcare is ________________.
7.A person that you hire to give you advice about a new job or getting a promotion.
9.This word means the same as the 4 words "Just as I expected".
12.If there are more jobs for Business English teachers than there are people to fill them, there is a Business English teacher ______________.
13.A job applicant is often referred to as a __________________.
14.The time when you must finish a project.
1.To pay someone back for their expenses (like taking university classes to improve their work in your company).
2.People who work in the same company or the same profession are your ______________.
4.There is only one new job open at the Embassy office in Surfer's Paradise, Australia. Many people will apply for this job. There will be ____________. (2 words, no space).
5.You can easily see something or easily agree with someone on facts.
6.If you made a decision and now you want to change it, you are now having ________________. (2 words, no space)
8.The perfect job for you! (3 words, no spaces)
10.If advice about what to do in your life is so good that it is worth more than money, the advice is ________________.
11.Using specific examples of what you did in a previous job.

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