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World War I


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1.the advancement of this new weapon forced men to fight from trenches for much of the war
5.truce or ceasefire; WWI ended on November 11, 1918
7.the international group created by the Treaty of Versailles whose goal was to prevent future wars and preserve world peace
11.the event after the war where the Treaty of Versailles was negotiated
13.ocean liner that was torpedoed by a German submarine in 1915, killing 1200 passengers
14.WWI became a war where each side was trying to win by just outlasting the other
19.nephew of the Austrian king and heir to Austria; his assassination was the "spark" that started WWI
23.posters or songs that try to persuade a person to support the war effort
24.area where Russia fought the Germans
26.the competitive arms race between European nations that led to a build up of large millitaries
27.this 1917 message from Germany to Mexico was a major reason the U.S. joined the war against Central Powers
28.Britain, France, Russia
29.the web of interlocking treaties that sucked many countries into WWI
32.when a nation channels all of its efforts and resource in fighting war any way it can
33.officially taking no position or side in war
34.much of the fighting on the Western front was this type
35.payments for war damages; Germany was made to pay Allies reparations
36.any death or injury as a result of war
2.when a nation forces it citizens into war; the draft
3.leader of the United States who wrote the Fourteen Points
4.Germany, Austria-Hungary, Italy
6.the peace settlement - who many blame as the primary cause of WWII
8.to prepare and move one's military into battle in preparation for war
9.this country's neutrality was invaded when Germany invaded it on its way to France
10.Triple Entente countries were known as this during the war; fought the Central Powers; U.S. joined this side
12.Germany, Austria-Hungary, Bulgaria and Ottoman Empire were known as this during the war
15.the region in Europe with plagued with centuries of ethnic and nationalist tension and conflict
16.where women, rationing, conscription take place during total war to help "fight"
17.where Britain, France, Belgium, and the U.S. fought the Central Powers
18.the set of demands Serbia was given by A-H in retaliation for Franz Ferdinand's assassination
20.this atrocity was committed by the Turkish government against is Christian citizens in 1915, killing 1.5 million people
21.a widespread disease; after WWI influenza spread around the world killing 20million worldwide
22.Germany's military plan for invading France quickly before Russia mobilized to avoid a two-front war; it failed
25.trench warfare on the Western Front was characterized by four long years of deadlock
30.a horrible and unjustified act committed during war against soldiers or non-combatants
31.German submarine

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