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Mrs. Smuczynski

Word Bank
DNA, Gregor Mendel, Punnett square, allele, autosomes, blue, brown, clone, daughter cells, gametes, gene, genotype, heredity, heterozygous, homologous chromosomes, homozygous, hybrid, meiosis, mitosis, parent cell, pea, phenotype, purebred, recessive, sex cells

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3.Term that describes the physical features offspring express (show); what is SEEN; Ex. blue eyes, green seeds
6.Material from which chromosomes are made; genetic material that codes for life
7.The cells that form as a result of cell division of the parent cell
10.A section of a chromosome that codes (contains instructions) for a specific trait
12.Gametes; human cells containing 23 chromosomes
13.Describes an offspring with the same ALLELES for a specific trait Ex. HH or hh
15.A diagram / mathematical tool to predict the probability of offspring inheriting certain traits
17.The passing of traits from parent to offspring
19.Human body cells containing 46 chromosomes in 23 pairs
20.Scientific name for the sex cells; sperm and eggs
21.Describes an offspring with two alleles that are different for a trait Ex. Hh or Bb
23.The cell that divides to gie rise to two daughter cells
24.An offspring coming from ancestors of UNMIXED breed that always produces the same traits in its offspring; (HH or hh)
1.The plant that gave rise to the field of Genetics
2.A pair of chromosomes, one from mom and one from dad, that are the same size and with the same genes for the same traits arranged in the same order
4.Cell division that results in the formation of sperm and eggs
5.Recessive human eye color
8.The Father of Genetics
9.The dominant color for human eyes
11.Genetically identical copies of a cell or organism
14.A trait that is hidden by another form of that trait
16.Cell division that results in the formation of two new cells that are clones of the parent cell
18.An offspring of two animals or plants that results in a mix or a cross. Ex. dogs ="mutts"
20.The genetic makeup of an organism represented by a pair of alleles Ex. BB or Bb or bb
22.An alternate form that a gene may have for a single trait; represented by letters that can be dominant or recessive

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