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Focus Topic 1


Eviromental Science

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5.Country that is highly industrialized and has a high per capita GNP. Compare developing country. (2 Words)
6.Non-renewable Resource (2 Words)
8.Beliefs that (1) nature exists for all the earth's species and we are not in charge of the earth; (2) resources are limited, should not be wasted, and are not all for us; (3) we should encourage earth-sustaining forms of economic growth and discourage earth-degrading forms of economic growth; and (4) our success depends on learning how the earth sustains itself and integrating such lessons from nature into the ways we think and act. Compare frontier environmental worldview, planetary management worldview, spaceship-earth worldview, stewardship worldview. (3 Words)
9.Variety of different species (species diversity), genetic variability among individuals within each species (genetic diversity), variety of ecosystems (ecological diversity), and functions such as energy flow and matter cycling needed for the survival of species and biological communities (functional diversity).
10.Unsustainable addiction to overconsumption and materialism exhibited in the lifestyles of affluent consumers in the United States and other developed countries.
1.Positive force created when people with different views and values find common ground and work together to build understanding, trust, and informed shared visions of what their communities, states, nations, and the world could and should be. Compare natural capital. (2 Words)
2.Viewing undeveloped land as a hostile wilderness to be conquered (cleared, planted) and exploited for its resources as quickly as possible. Compare environmental wisdom worldview, planetary management worldview, spaceship-earth worldview. (3 Words)
3.Resource that people normally are free to use; each user can deplete or degrade the available supply. Most are renewable and owned by no one. Examples are clean air, fish in parts of the ocean not under the control of a coastal country, migratory birds, gases of the lower atmosphere, and the ozone content of the upper atmosphere (stratosphere). See tragedy of the commons. (2 Words)
4.Country that has low to moderate industrialization and low to moderate per capita GNP. Most are located in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. Compare developed country. (2 Words)
7.Doubling time (in years) = 70/(percentage growth rate). See doubling time, exponential growth. (3 Words)

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