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Mrs Coghlan

Practice the keywords of enzymes.

2           3
4 5           6   7  
  10 11   12      

2.If the temperature is too low the enzyme will work very ___________. (6)
4.Enzymes are very ____________. (8)
8.The pocket in the 3D enzyme that catalyses a reaction is called the ___________ ______. (6,4)
11.The substrate fits into the active site like a key into a ____. (4)
13.Enzymes are made of __________. (7)
14.The reactants that fit into the enzyme active site are called ___________ (10)
1.The enzyme that breaks down starch is called __________. (8)
3.A factor that affects the activity of an enzyme is ______________. (11)
5.A factor that affects the activity of an enzyme is ____. (2)
6.An enzyme is a biological ____________. (8)
7.Proteins are long chains of __________ _________ folded into a 3D shape.(5,5)
9.Catalysts reduce the amount of __________ needed to start a reaction. (6)
10.If the temperature is too high or the pH wrong the enzyme will be _______________. (9)
12.The enzyme that breaks down hydrogen peroxide is called ____________. (8)

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