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Unit 5 Focus Topic 1:wind


1 2
3             4 5  
  6 7                  

3.the wind is blowing the strongest around the eye of the hurricane (2 Words)
6.the wind is blowing steadily from New York to California (2 Words)
8.That thing over there has strong winds and developed over the tropical ocean
9.Did the wind feel like it just reversed directions
10.I wonder how fast this wind is blowing
1.120-240 km per hour swift high altitude winds (2 Words)
2.That breeze of cold air/wind gave me chill I lost some heat (2 Words)
4.world wide wind system 30 degrees the the up right (2 Words)
5.It feels like the wind is blowing down on me
7.the wind sure is blowing in the local small town of Garner (2 Words)

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