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The Case of the Guilty Quadrilateral Vocabulary

Reading Math Lab

Word Bank
angle, attest, bisect, burst, circular, circumference, citing, congruent, corresponding, dearest, diagonal, diameter, hexagonal, humble, isosceles trapezoid, opposite, pair, parallel, parellelogram, perpendicular, pi, polygon, quadrilateral, rectangle, rhumbus, sentimental, square, suburb, trapezoid, vaulting

1 2 3 4 5 6
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8.a trapezoid with congruent, non-parallel sides.
9.the same shape and size
10.having a strong emotional feeling
11.six-sided polygon
15.lines that are at right angles to each other
16.four-sided figure with all sides equal and four right angles
19.to cut or divide into two equal sections
22.A shape formed by two lines coming together at a common point, Ex. 45 degrees
23.a straight line joining opposite corners on a rectangle or square
24.a straight line going from one side of a circle to the other
27.A residential area
28.naming individuals or calling someone to appear in court
29.modest, simple
30.explode or erupt
1.in the shape of a circle
2.matching or comparable
3.declare to be true or genuine
4.a four-sided figure with opposite sides parallel and opposite angles are congruent
5.most loved or cherished
6.the distance around something, usually a circle or sphere
7.a four-sided figure
12.having a position on the further side of something
13.a figure with four straight sides and four right angles
14.a quadrilateral with exactly one pair of parallel sides
20.lines that are the same distance apart and never meet
21.a two-dimensional shape with at least three sides
25.figure with opposite sides that are congruent, opposite sides are parallel, & opposite angles are congruent
26.two things that are the same and are meant to be used together

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