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can you BLOW this crossword away?

Marcus Davis

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1.the equator is where i will be, i also created trade winds you see. (2 Words)
4.Brazil needs air too, even though it warm and close to the equator. what is their air mass? (3 Words)
5.As you drive a car and you get to a stop sign your mom tends to veer right while your dad tends to veer left, what is this known as when the stop sign are the hemispheres? (2 Words)
8.to the west, to the west, all the warm is headed to the west. (2 Words)
9.No matter how cold it gets, the north and south need air too! (3 Words)
10.A hurricane and ___ _____ ____ having one thing in common, they both form over water. (3 Words)
2.fluffy is to cat as dry air is to _____. (3 Words)
3.these are created in a tropical area and move toward the equator. (2 Words)
6.no breeze at the hot equator, what are you standing in?
7.think of this as a large body of floating things with similar types. (2 Words)

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