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Biome animals and plants

Mrs. VH

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    49                   50    

5.black bears breed in ____
7.manatees can eat ___ of their weight in 24 hours
11.barracuda sometimes live in schools, but are mostly ____
12.sea turtles can stay here for 5 hours
14.manatees can swim in bursts at a speed of ____ mph
15.male black bears mating range is 10-15 miles in _____
17.the leaves of the blue grass shoot out from this part of the plant
18.water that is a mix of salt and freshwater
20.animal has been around for 110 million years
22.gestation of sea turtle, 6-10 ___
25.9 minutes can lapse between these in sea turtles
28.barracuda hunt mainly using ____
29.manatees are also called ___
30.cubs take 2-3 years to ______
31.`name for a batch of turtle eggs
33.cattails provide a home for ____
34.type of eater that the bengal tiger
36.one of the groups of seagrass
40.one of the 7 species of sea turtles
41.blue grass is used to help pass these
43.barracuda can be ____ pounds
44.average number of black bear cubs per litter
47.barracuda can change to the color of environment to help with ____
48.American black bears are this type of eater
49.average weight of a bengal tiger
51.plant named for the blue seed heads
52.plant that can grow up to 200 ft
53.number of people killed by black bears since 1900
1.bengal tigers live in open grassland of this country
2.life span of a manatee
3.barracuda are active at night, so they are ____
4.this plant can be seen from space
6.animal that can control the population of cattails
8.barracuda can live up to ____ years
9.manatees are this type of eater
10.blue grass flowers in this month
13.sharp, ____ like teeth of the barracuda
16.one of the 7 species of sea turtles
19.American black bears are found in this biome
21.scientific name of bengal tiger
23.barracuda live near coral reefs and _____
24.black bears will not do this if there is enough food
26.only place without seagrass
27.seagrass is a _____
32.cattails are an ____ species
35.one of the food sources of the bengal tiger
37.one square meter of seagrass can create ___ L of oxygen
38.this is how the blue grass reproduces
39.cattails can inhibit this process in other plants
42.kelp contain 30 ____
45.acute sense in American black bears
46.seeds are distributed by this method
50.cubs are born with ears and ___ shut

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