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Biome animals and plants #2

Mrs. VH

1 2
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  13                 14   15
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45 46   47        
    49               50

4.color of ermine in summer
5.season the red fox mates
7.color of flowers of the Marsh tea plant
8.elephant grass prefers this type of weather
11.arctic hares dig in this to find food
13.these hairs keep out moisture on the grey wolf
19.symmetry of the red fox
20.instead of leaves, pine trees have these
22.these males and females may mate for life in the gray wolf pack
25.arctic hare has this excellent sense
28.process of water loss through leaves
29.family name of the ermine
30.Marsh tea plants are found along this in the Northern latitudes
33.Native Americans use the Marsh tea plant for ___
36.the pounds of meat per meal of the grey wolf
37.tufted saxifrage is this type of species
38.the flowers of the tufted saxifrage have this many petals
39.wax on needles of pine trees protects against these
41.the bottom of elephant grass is yellowish- _____
42.paper birch can be found in these mountains
47.group of 7-8 gray wolves
48.most common pine tree
49.elephant grass usually reproduces with these structures
51.the length of the seed plumes of elephant grass, in inches
52.predator of the ermine
1.ermine can bounce this far off the ground
2.red fox does this to attach small mammals under the snow
3.female red fox
6.month the arctic hare mates
9.biome home to the grey wolf
10.another name for the marsh tea
12.male red fox feeds female while she _____
14.these people used the paper birch sap to make syrup
15.the roots of the saxifrage grow here
16.young arctic hare stay with mother for a few ____
17.baby red fox
18.this part of the ermine is 13 cm
21.ermine can live this many years in captivity
23.animals do not eat the marsh tea plant because it is ____
24.the sap of the paper birch can be used as an ____ to hold materials together
26.oldest age of a pine tree
27.arctic hares are this type of eater
31.male red fox
32.food source of the grey wolf
34.this part of the tufted saxifrage is 2.5 cm long and has a broad bell shape
35.the reflective retina of the gray wolf gives them excellent night vision
38.life span of arctic hare in years
40.color of the legs and nose of red fox
43.ermine live on islands in this ocean
44.elephant grass is this type of species
45.leaves of elephant grass are very sharp and can cut ____
46.sex of the red fox that teaches young to hunt
50.common home for the Marsh Tea plant

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