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Wind Crossword Puzzle

Heather Riesebeck

Use this puzzle to study! Good luck!

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3               4 5

3.Every season, we switch it up (over continents)
6.what makes you shiver when a breeze blows by (2 Words)
8.High & fast (2 Words)
9.When you step off a boat onto an island, you move in the same direction as these winds (2 Words)
10.This might blow your beach chair away! (2 Words)
1."Garner Breeze" (2 Words)
2.our name comes from the direction we flow from, Ex: Cali to NC (2 Words)
4.I'm all over the globe, and I always come from the same spot (2 Words)
5.I measure wind speed
7.We're headed toward the equator!! (2 Words)

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