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Cell Biology

Mr. McCabe

Living Cells are the Key to Life. Words to Know and Use. Use Page's 488 and 505 as a reference.

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4.the structure that seperates the inside of the cell from the outside of the cell.
10.Transport Across the Cell Membrane in which energy is required from the cell.
14.Transport across the cell membrane that does not require energy from the cell such as difussion and facillitated diffusion.
16.The study of Life and all living things.
17.The structure in eukaryotic cells that contain the cells DNA
18.A Protein that lowers the activation energy for a chemicasl reaction, allowing the reaction to happen more quickly.
19.Organisms whose cell have a nucleus such as animals and plants.
20.The organelles in plant cells that capture sunlight energy to build organic molecules.
1.the basic units of all living things
2.The aerobic or oxygen using breakdown of Glucose to obtain ATP.
3.An individual living thing such as a plant or an animal.
5.the DNA containing structures in eukaryotic and prokaryotic cells.
6.Organisms whose cells have no nucleus, such as bacteria.
7.The part of the cell that is outside the nucleus.
8.Organelles that breakdown food molecules that provide energy that cells need to carry out their functions.
9.Adenosine triphosphate the molecule that provides energy for most cellular processes.
11.A type of cell division in which one cell divides into two cells each of which has the same genetic information.
12.Structures in the cytoplasm of eukaryotic cells that have specefic functions.
13.The process in oplants and certain other organisms.in which light energy is coverted into chemical energy in organic molecules.
15.Deoxyribobucleic acid the molecule that stores genetic information in living organisms a sugar phosphate double strand attached to nitogenous bases.

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