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Wind Works

Danelys Rivera

This is a crossword puzzle made to help learn and study wind terms for Earth Science

3                 4
  5   6  

3.They're the "Flash" when it comes to wind speed (2 Words)
9.Freezing winds that "chills" between 60 degrees latitude and and the poles (2 Words)
10.Winds that have no plans of leaving home; localized (2 Words)
1.From the West, born and raised between thirty and sixty degrees (2 Words)
2.Sea winds that swim on over to land (2 Words)
4.Winds blow at thirty degrees North and South latitude, headed towards the Equator (2 Words)
5.WInds that curve like the Earth spins (2 Words)
6.Hadley, Ferrel, and Polar travel the globe (2 Words)
7.Winds from specific locations who like to travel for a while (2 Words)
8.Winds that come from land and travel onto the sea (2 Words)

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