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Criss-Cross the airmasses

Marcus Davis

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  6                 7          

3.low surface temperature and low moisture. (2 Words)
4.Think of air CHILLED as if it were a Popsicle. (3 Words)
6.Its a ruler that measures heat loss from human skin. (3 Words)
9.A head on car accident but instead of cars its two fronts. (2 Words)
10.A COLD boat going over something WARM. (2 Words)
1.cold front is the big brother in this situation. (2 Words)
2.air going the through an X-man like mutation, gaining properties of temperature and moisture. (3 Words)
5.you know how the hulk is a large thing? well, think of an hulk size air mass. (2 Words)
7.two opposite sides of a battery are the same as two different air masses coming together.
8.The monster that has one eye, but this particular monster has a low pressure system and a counterclockwise flow of air.

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