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Wind Works

Danelys Rivera 2A

This was supposed to be a puzzle that helps you learn and memorize Wind terms, but it's so pun filled im thinking about putting it under the "jokes" section

    5 6

2."The Flash" when it comes to wind speeds (2 Words)
4.Winds that curve with the rotation of the Earth (2 Words)
7.Winds from thirty degrees North/South latitude that travel to do "trade" with the equator (2 Words)
8.Air from sea to land (2 Words)
9.Wind that likes to "chill" between sixty degrees latitude and the poles (2 Words)
10.These winds aren't moving out of their parents hometown basement any time soon; localized (2 Words)
1.The wicked winds of the WEST blowing between sixty and thirty degrees to the west (2 Words)
3.These winds can withstand a long flight everywhere around the earth from specific "airlines" (2 Words)
5.Air that fulfilled its dream of becoming a pirate by leaving land and flowing on over to the seas (2 Words)
6.Hadley, Ferrel, and Polar like to travel all around the world together (2 Words)

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