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Unit 5: Focus Topic 2: Air Masses


1 2
4                   5  

4.It was just cold and now the warm air has taking over (2 Words)
6.this air is moist with water vapor and they have the same temperature of the surrounding
7.this air is warm and moist and it feels like its whirling like a storm is coming (3 Words)
8.boundary of 2 air masses but they have different characteriscs
9.This wind is blowing in a circle the opposite way of the clock
1.area over which an air mass gets its major properties of temperature and moisture (3 Words)
2.Im in the Artic and this air is very cold (3 Words)
3.Its cold over this region and the air mass is getting cold too (2 Words)
5.this air at both altitudes have the same moisture and temperature (2 Words)
8.this cloud looking thing is mighty close to the ground

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