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unit 5 topic 2 vocab

Joshua Fullen

3 4                     5  

4.large section of cold air usually in arctic regions. (3 Words)
6.the front where the cold air mass goes under a warm air mass. (2 Words)
8.big section of air with around the same temperatures and amount of moisture at all altitudes. (2 Words)
9.a whirling mass of water and air.
10.when a warm air mass and cold air mass collide and the front doesn't move. (2 Words)
1.where an air mass gets most of its temperature and moisture. (3 Words)
2.the area between two adjoining air masses.
3.a front made when a cold front goes above a warm front. (2 Words)
5.when a air mass is formed over a region and takes over the characteristics of that region. (2 Words)
7.a front when a warm air mass overrides the cold air mass that is moving out of a region. (2 Words)

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