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Air Masses

Danelys Rivera 2A

Sadly no puns in this informative Air Mass puzzle

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      6 7              

2.Air made in subtropical areas, very hot and dry, low moisture (2 Words)
7.A large body of air that is characterized by similar temperatures and moisture at any altitude (2 Words)
8.Tropical airs made over warm waters, humid (2 Words)
9.When warm air overtakes retreating cold air (2 Words)
10.A situation where the surface position of a front doesn't move (2 Words)
1.The place where air masses obtain their characteristics (3 Words)
2.Polar air with a low surface temperature, low moisture (2 Words)
3.Polar air passing over warm waters, high moisture (2 Words)
4.Arctic air that invades lower latitudes from time to time (3 Words)
5.A front where cold air overtakes warm air (2 Words)
6.A front that thrusts cold air under warm air (2 Words)

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