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The crossSTORM

Davis, Marcus

3   4  

5.a huge storm forming over warm body of water, also the mascot of North Carolina hockey team.
7.the cloud that causes such massive storms.
8.a huge shower of rain over an area.
10.the strongest winds are found here during a hurricane, think of it as being the blades of a fan. (2 Words)
1.think of a hurricane being on Americas got storms. this judge is going to give the hurricane a score based on air pressure, wind speed, and the amount of damage. (2 Words)
2.Oklahoma, Texas, and Arkansas has the most of these violent, destructive spinning storms.
3.two opposites come together and an electric beam shoots down to earth, this is also what thor uses to his advantage
4.the storm that everybody was scared of as a kid, very loud and consist of thunder as well as lightning.
6.this would be the name of a big spiraling roller coaster at the fair, most likely would be filled liquid.
9.a large group of people are fighting in a circle but in the middle everybody is getting along, how does that correlate to a hurricane.

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