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The Creed: What I believe...


Nicene Creed

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3.another word for 'universal' or 'worldwide'
6.to stand up, to get up from a seated or lying position
7.the place where a king rules
8.we cannot see it
10.where Jesus came from
13.who made heaven and earth
14.describes Jesus rules with God the Father
16.number of days that Jesus was in the tomb
17.another word for Creator
18.another word to used to describe the Bible
20.set apart for a sacred purpose
22.placed in a tomb or into a pit
25.removes removes Original Sin & makes you God's child
26.to be nailed to a cross
28.name of the Roman governor who met Jesus
29.teaching that comes from the original apostles of Jesus
31.of the same substance
1.born of the Father before all ages
2.another title for Jesus
4.Jesus did this when He returned to heaven
5.to testify about what you've done or what you believe
9."in the flesh"
11.to experience pain
12.absence of life
15.in the Bible, someone who can only speak what the Holy Spirit speaks
19.happened to Jesus; will happen to everyone at the end of the world
21.Jesus will come in this way when He returns
23.Jesus' death gave this to everyone
24.the third person of the Holy Trinity who has spoken through the prophets
27.having a mother and a father
30.another word for 'united'

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