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Storms Puzzle

Danelys Rivera


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4.A severe storm developing over tropical oceans with strong winds of more than 120 km/hr
6.Calm center of a tropical cyclone that develops when central winds reach at least 120 kph
9.A high pressure center with a clockwise flow of air in the northern hemisphere
10.The sound caused by rapid expansion of air along an electrical strike
11.Violent, damaging thunderstorms wind that's concentrated in a local area
12.Band where the strongest winds in a hurricane are concentrated, surrounding the eye (2 Words)
1.A spiral motion of fluid within a limited area, especially a whirling mass of water or air
2.Usually brief, heavy storm that consists of rain, strong winds, lightning, thunder
3.Powerful, self- sustaining thunderstorm characterized by intense, rotating updrafts
5.A low pressure center with a counterclockwise flow of air in the northern hemisphere
7.When hurricane force winds drive a wall of ocean water, causing a great of damage (2 Words)
8.A cyclonic circulation interior to a convective storm causing strong winds downward

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