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J Howington-Pérez

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5.They saw the world _____ and set out to show others what they saw.
6.Successful businessman; often traveled to exotic locations for inspiration.
7.Painting by van Gogh that gave the impression that he was lonely and desired companionship.
9.Though Cézanne believed that Impressionistic painting lacked form, solidity and structure, his style was not _____.
10.He was Dutch; fluenced to paint with a blaze of color; comitted suicide.
11.One of Cézanne's landscapes that we studied was _____.
1.Gauguin was so unsuccessful in painting that he reduced his family to _____.
2.The French art movement that immediately followed Impressionism.
3.One of the 2 paintings by Gauguin that we studied was _____.
4.One of Gauguin's favorite places to go to for inspiration.
8.He painted many still-lifes.

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