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Rene Magritte-Working with Surrealism Crossword

Ben coscia

1 2 3
5       6
7                   8    
13                     14  
15                         16

4.A dark area where light from a light source is blocked by an opaque object.
7.Magritte _____ a ribcage with a birdcage.
9.Magritte found a passion in this.
10.The smaller men are found in the.
11.Bounding the shape or form of something.
13.Painting the man in the bowler dozens of times.
15.This is the palm tree in the painting.
17.By shaping this Magritte adds a veil of mystery to the painting .
18.An area in a drawing that is strongly illuminated.
19.The men are arranged in layers of varied _____.
1.Subject that appears often in the artist work.
2.Magritte uses this to utilize the painting surface so its not flat.
3.The men seem identical, but closer inspection reveals ________ among them.
5.Placing objects side by side to be contrasted.
6.Divide into two parts.
8.The artist ____ the image around the eye.
9.Magritte's first painting of the man in the bowler hat was a.
12.Makes bizarre scenes with ordinary objects.
14.Larger than life.
16.The larger men are found here.

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