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8th Science Chapter 12

Mrs. VH

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1.underground layer of rock or sediment that holds water
4.look like flooded forests with trees and shrubs
6.groundwater bubbles or flows out of the cracks in rocks
8.land that supplies water to a river system
10.a river and all its tributaries
11.one of the tributaries of the Mississippi
14.an example of an impermeable substance
15.water changes from a vapor to a liquid
16.the size of the ____ in the ground determine how water moves underground
17.plants lose water through these
20.precipitation may fall on land and soak in and become _____
21.common in color regions, acidic water and mosses grow here
22.2/3 of the 3% of freshwater is found in this form
24.chemical added to water to kill microorganisms
28.the Continental Divide follows these mountains
30.process of supplying water to areas of land to make them suitable for crops
31.type of hot spring from which the water periodically erupts
32.practice of using less of a resource so it will not be used up
33.force that moves water from the surface to the groundwater
37.type of pollution that can not be tied to a specific source of pollution
39.stiky globs
41.water changes from a liquid to a vapor
42.tall strong grasses grow in their rich muddy bottoms
45.using screens to remove larger items like leaves and fish
47.smaller rivers that run into a larger river
48.lake that is the beginning of the Everglades
49.type of well that uses pressure to bring water to the surface
50.place where an organism lives and obtains everything it needs to survive
51.Everglades are found in this state
52.`continuous process by which water moves from Earth's surface to atmosphere
53.type of bacteria found in animal wastes
2.floating chunks of ice
3.heavy drops of water fall back to Earth as this
5.southeastern coast of US, trees have thick tangled roots
6.some ponds only form in this season
7.area that is covered with water during part or all of the year
9.this process may form a pond (2 words)
12.the water cycle is driven by the energy from this source
13.amount of a substance in a certain volume of another
18.wetlands act as natural water _____
19.grassy areas covered by shallow water or streams, contains cattails
23.ponds lose water through this process
25.a ridge of land that separate one watershed from another
26.aquifer that stretches from South Dakota to Texas
27.particles stick to alum to remove it from water
29.sunlight can reach the bottom of this body of water
34.forcing air through the water to remove odors
35.plants draw water in through these
36.substances that water can not easily pass through
38.the Everglades are home to many ____ species
40.nearly 20% of all the world's freshwater is found here
42.97% of all water on earth is ____
43.lake that stores water for human use
44.chemical added to water to prevent tooth decay
46.clouds need particles of _____ for water droplets to condense onto

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