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Ally Lubas- Cell Divison, Cancer, and Chemotheray Crossword

Ally Lubas

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1.Examples of this are radon, UV, and x-rays.
5.When a cell dies, this process occurs.
7.How many cells do we originally start out with?
8.How many different types of cells do we have in our body?
9.these are random errors that occur during the DNA replication process.
11.What type of cell is the most basic?
13.Another word used to describe cell division.
15.The process that cells go through to become more specialized in order to perform a specific function.
17.the genes in charge of the regulation.
19.What product is produced when a cell divides? This product is then used to perform a specific function.
20.What is the average lifespan of stomach cells?
2.How many pairs of chromosomes are in a skin cell?
3.This is the number of cells that is reached once someone is an adult.
4.Mutations passed on from the parents to the offspring.
6.what type of protein is produced by red blood cells?
10.what all of the cells in the body are classified as.
12.What is the lifespan of brain cells?
14.Substances that are known to cause cancer.
16.What do red blood cells carry?
18.Cells only use _____ set of DNA instructions.

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