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Descriptive Adjectives

Anna Beglaryan

Introducing a group of adjectives related to one's personality. Level: Pre-Intermediate.

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1.a person who shows dislike and has no sympathy
4.a person who is willing to believe what other people say
6.a person who is not attractive or interesting
8.a person who causes interest or pleasure
9.a person who shows no fear for dangerous and difficult things
10.a person who likes to meet people and spend time with them
14.a person who likes to spend money
15.a person who wants to know about everything
2.a person who is does not about or interested in someone or something
3.a person who doesn't like to spend money
5.an energetic person who likes being among people
7.a person who is shy and quiet, and who is unable to make friends easily
11.a person who is worried and anxious
12.a person who can easily trick others to get what he/she wants
13.a person who avoids danger, difficulty and risks
15.a person who is peaceful, quiet, with no worry

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