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Normal and Abnormal Cell Processes

K. Sittner

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1.the most basic cells from which all other cells develop (2wrds)
4.All cells within an organism share the exact same _____.
7.During mitosis, each _____ cell expresses specific genes.
9._____ cellular growth is a characteristic of cancer cell division.
12.During meiosis, _____ chromosomes line up at the cell's equator.
15.Stem cells are acitivated to start dividing, then begin producing specific _____ of the cell they will become.
17.a random error which occurs in the process of DNA replication (2wrds)
18.Cancer can be passed on through genes or by exposure to _____.
19.cells in an organism that undergo meiosis, such as the sperm and egg (2wrds)
2.all cells which make up an organism (2wrds)
3.the process by which more cells are produced within an organism, making it larger (3wrds)
5.any substance that may cause cancer
6.the process by which basic cells specialize in order to perform specific functions
8.Cancer is a homeostatic imbalance between the _____ of cells and the death of cells.
10.Chemotherapy works by stopping or slowing the growth of _____ cells.
11.the regrowth of limbs or body parts through mitosis
12.During a cell's _____, it performs normal functions and replicates its DNA.
13.causes mutations in regulatory genes to be passed from parents to offspring
14.cell division
16.How many different cells are produced as a result of meiosis?

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