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Cell Division

M, Shew

1       2         3 4
7                               8
9             10                      
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1.The most basic cell, the ones that haven't been told what cell to be.
5.The mutated cell divides how many times a day?
7.Can be killed by chemotherapy.
9.More cells are added through cell division.
10.Lifespan of brain cells.
11.When some cells die then they need to be....
13.Cancer is passed through...
15.First goal of mitosis.
16.Genes that are passed from the parents to offspring.
17.Lifespan of stomach cells.
18.Two pairs of chromosomes in which cell?
19.Is toxic to all cells.
2.substances that cause cancer.
3.Process which basic cells are specialized to do a more specific function.
4.Mutated cells that are no longer being controlled.
6.Tumors on the liver were which color?
8.Only cells in the body that undergo meiosis.
10.All the cells that make up the body.
12.When limbs or body parts are regenerated through mitosis.
14._______ lessens the amount of cancer cells.

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