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Circulation Review

Ms. Rodgers

The following clues will help you review for the circulatory system quiz.

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1.transport oxygen and carbon dioxide to and from the cells (3 Words)
6.returns blood from the lower extremities to the heart (3 Words)
8.carry blood away from the heart
13.allows blood to hold onto oxygen
15.returns blood from the head and upper extremities (3 Words)
17.sends oxygenated blood from the left ventricle to the body
18.involved with regeneration of connective tissue, repair, and blood clotting
19.carries sugar to cells and waste products away from cells
20.connects the left ventricle and the lungs (2 Words)
2.transports nutrients, gases, and wastes throughout the body (2 Words)
3.location where carbon dioxide is dropped off and oxygen is picked up
4.organ that has four chambers in humans
5.the main substance in blood
7.has a medium thick wall and valves
9.chamber of the heart that sends deoxygenated blood to the lungs (2 Words)
10.identifies and destroys pathogens (3 Words)
11.receives oxygenated blood from the pulmonary vein (2 Words)
12.blood vessel that exchanged oxygen and carbon dioxide gases with the body
14.pumps oxygenated blood into the arteries (2 Words)
16.chamber of the heart that receives deoxygenated blood from the body (2 Words)
17.structure in the lung where gases are exchanged

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