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Genetics Vocabulary

Ms. Rodgers

Genetics Vocabulary Review

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8.when neither trait is dominant over another (black and white cows=Bb)
10.random assortment of chromosomes during meiosis
11.the formation of a zygote from two haploid cells fusing
12.a trait that is located on an X or Y chromosome
14.when two letters express the genetic makeup of an organism
16.Monk who studied peas and responsible for the science of early inheritance
18.punnett square tracking two traits from each parent
20.when alleles combine to form more than 3 phenotypes (skin, hair or eye color)
21.must be homozygous for phenotype to be seen (mm)
22.a type of allele that will mask another
23.the study of inheritance
1.two identical alleles for one trait (HH or hh)
2.a trait in different forms
3.the chance of something happening listed in percentages, fractions or ratios
4.a tool used to predict probability of offspring
5.the separation of alleles during meiosis
6.one allele is not completely dominant over another (Ww=Pink)
7.when only one trait from each parent is crossed at a time
9.two different alleles for the same trait (E or e)
13.born from two genetically different parents
14.a segment of DNA that codes for a specific trait
15.offspring from asexually reproducing parent
17.a haploid cell with one-half the genetic information from each parent
19.the physical features being expressed in an organism

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